Monday, May 5, 2008

God's love

Yesterday was youth Sunday at our church. The service was awesome, and I was so proud of our young people. The Spirit really started to move, and people were going to the alter. I started feeling like I was on the outside observing, and not really a part of what was going on. I was also feeling lonely as it is really hard to get together with other women as our families need most of our time. Just when I was having the lonely thoughts someone came up to me to tell me God wants she and I to know that we don't get the crumbs but that God loves us. She and I both struggle with feeling like less than a Christian because we don't speak in tongues and doubt whether or not we were filled with the Holy Spirit when we asked. God spoke to both of us that day to encourage us to trust in Him, and not worry that we don't look and act like other people. Sometimes God moves on us in quiet ways. She also went on to say that she wants to get together and play games or something. Only God could have know that I was feeling so lonely.

God's love is so amazing. I wasn't asking for anything but God decided to minister to me anyway. He knows what we are thinking and feeling and ministers to us in our place of need. God is so good!

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Rachel said...

AMEN! The service really was amazing. I so wish more people understood that God manifests His Spirit differently in different people. Our worship is not supposed to look the same. Some dance, some jump, some bow, and some sit quietly in awe. It's all pleasing to Him!