Tuesday, May 6, 2008

God Knows

Today I received the most precious card from a student in my Mpact Girls class at church. It made me cry because it was so loving and touching. God knows that this week I need encouragement and He moved on my student to do so. I also received another card from a friend that was also very encouraging. What is neat is that I have not been feeling very successful as a Mother lately. I guess all children go through times when they seem to act up more than others, and this has been one of those times. It felt as if I was getting no where with my kids. Now God sends me 2 cards telling me that I am doing a good job with them. How specific is that? I tell you God's love is so big it will never run out. He loves us specifically, personally, thoroughly. He isn't up in the sky just seeing the big picture. He is personal and knows every little detail about us. There is no friend on earth that knows us as well or cares so much about us than God.

Thank you God for loving me so much that you took the time to show me in such specific ways. Help me to learn to love as you do.

In Jesus name,

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Debbie C. said...

Yes, that is incredible when God reaches down just to speak to you. That happened to me recently and I was so humbled by it. I agree with you in your prayer and share your joy for His encouragement.