Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let me Bless You Already!

Have you ever known someone that was hard to bless? Woman are notorious at being bad at receiving compliments. When someone tells us we look pretty we tell them we paid $4.00 for the dress we are wearing. The same kind of person doesn't want us to do anything for them.

I never really stopped to think that when I act like that I am robbing the other person of a blessing.

Sound backward?

True that person is trying to bless me, but when I allow that person to bless me, it blesses them as well. I'll give you an example - the one that opened my eyes in fact.

I gave someone at church a compliment and they received it in a joyful way. She was clearly blessed by my kind words and showed it. That REALLY blessed me! It made me feel so good, and here I was only thinking about making her feel good!

Our Pastor has a phrase he likes to use that says "blessed to be a blessing." That is so true! I guess we think we are being more Christin when we refuse to let someone help us or compliment us, but that thinking is backwards.

I challenge you (along with me) to try to receive what is given you with pure joy, and let's watch and see what happens!

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