Friday, September 21, 2007

We're Back!

I am so excited! I just got word from our mechanic that our Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera is ready to be picked up! We will be a 2 car family again! God is so good. I feel blessed just to have one car, but God blessed us with this second car through a Christian family we know for free, so we have been overly-blessed having 2 vehicles. But I missed her while she was gone, and wondering if she was dead. But no longer! We will once again have the freedom to go where we please, do what we want, and not have to burden our friends with the task of bringing us to church on Wednesday nights. But I tell you, that is another area where I am blessed. We have such wonderful people in our church! I really have not lacked anything I need, including a way to get to church so I am blessed all the way around! Thank you God!

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Rachel said...

YEA! I was without a car during Christmas when I had my first wreck. I was blessed to have friends that rode me around and let me borrow their cars, but it was a hassle. I know it's a relief to have your car back!