Thursday, February 6, 2014


Is it really possible to be at peace with the way our bodies look? To be honest, deep down I don't ever think I could have believed it in the past. After all, how can you be at peace with an overweight body? But if I'm really honest I never liked the way I looked even when I wasn't overweight. I never liked my big hips. Thankfully I don't ever remember anyone making comments that hurt me regarding the way I looked other than maybe being teased for being overweight when I was young. But I had a friend a few years ago who told me she thought I had pretty legs (while I was overweight!) I was stunned. I never thought about whether or not I had nice legs, Certainly not while I was overweight for sure! When she was young her Father would criticize her for being bow-legged. I never noticed it and to be honest, even after she pointed out I didn't see it. But he pointed it out to her, she believed it, and it crushed her self-image. But, she reached out and blessed me with her words, turning the very words that had hurt her so much into life-breathing words for me! How powerful our words are.

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3 comments: said...

Sometimes, it really does take someone with an outside perspective, not so wrapped up with our bodies as we are, to point out the beautiful in us. I love that God loves us regardless and provides that peace.

:) Missy (OBS Blog Hop Team)

DebbieP said...

You are so right!

Katrina V. Wylie said...

So true! our words can bring peace or build hurt. Great reminder and example! What a blessing your friend is <3