Monday, July 8, 2013

Book Review: Anomaly

By Krista McGee

Imagine a perfect world. A world with no sickness. A world in which everyone has a purpose and is useful. A world devoid of emotion, of color, of love. A world controlled by 10 scientists who watch your every move and remove and annihilate anyone with an anomaly. Enter the world of Thalli. 

Decades before her birth the world suffered a global nuclear war which killed nearly the entire population. The Ten scientists made a safe haven underground and created a new life and created genetically altered humans devoid of all emotion and sickness, in an effort to avoid future wars and conflicts. But Thalli, designed to be her pod's musician, was born with unusual curiosity and emotion. She is able to hide those anomalies for years until the day she is handed an ancient piece of music to play. As she plays the piece she is flooded with emotion and cries while she plays. She is immediately scheduled for annihilation until Berk,  her childhood friend and scientist convinces the others that she is too valuable to annihilate.

As time ticks away she learns of the Designer much more powerful than the Ten Scientists and that her anomalies may in fact be part of His plan. Is she designed for a much larger plan or is she simply a mistake that needs to be eliminated? Thalli must sort out what to believes before her time runs out.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I like science fiction and this book keep me wanting to read more. I am thankful to the publisher for allowing me to have a copy to review. I am already anticipating its sequel, Luminary, coming July 2014!

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