Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: The Voice New Testiment

I was given a digital copy of the Voice New Testament and in exchange I am writing a review to share with all of you. I read it on my Iphone and on a laptop, and I must say that it is much easier to read on a laptop. There is no navigation that I found to use so that I could jump to a scripture of my choosing. So I had to flip by tons of pages in order to find actual scripture. There are reading plans included, and much commentary. These are useful tools, but if you are just wanting to read the Bible, it can be frustrating indeed.

Once I actually started reading scripture, it read very easily. It was like reading a book, which can help the scriptures come alive. For reading the bible on my Iphone I will stick to the bible app I currently use, the YouVersion which is totally free. I may revisit the Voice New Testament on my laptop because it is an interesting study tool. I would only recommend it on a bigger screen, however.

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