Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Review: Life Everlasting


Book Review: Life Everlasting
by: Robert Whitlow

When I first started reading this book I was concerned that I would not be able to follow the plot as this is the second book in a series. Although it took a little time for me to be able to be immersed in the characters and plot, I don't really think that it hindered me much by not reading the first book.

"Life Everlasting" is about a lawyer named Alexia Lindale and the twisted case she ends up involved in. A woman comes to her for representation to help her divorce her hospitalized husband, but before long Alexia finds herself involved in an attempted murder case.  Alexia also meets two men that are attractive and that care for her. There are many characters introduced, and it was fun to discover who were on the bad guy team and who were the good guys.

There is a clear and distinct Christian theme throughout the entire book that represents salvation in Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven unapologetically. There are even characters that accept Christ as savior without making the book seem "preachy."

For the most part I enjoyed reading this book, but I must say that the ending left me slightly disappointed. It left too many  loose ends that  I would have liked to seen delt with. But overall I liked the suspense and ever deepening twisted plot that kept me involved with the interesting characters and wanting to read more. 

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson / Booksneeze in exchange for my fair and honest review.


Rachel said...

Sounds like a pretty good read. I've never heard of this author but I do enjoy Christian Fiction (especially in the summer and at Christmas break).

DebbieP said...

He's won some awards. If you decide to read this I can bring it to you at church, but it is a sequel so you may want to read the first one first. If you do I would love to borrow it when you are finished.