Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grocery Report for the Week

This week I went shopping with a friend and we made a fun day of it. I had such a good deal at Publix this week I just had to share it with you!

I spent $50.88 and I saved $92.32!!!!

That's a savings of 64%!

Also I bought two boxes of copy paper and a pack of 12 pencils from Staples. That's 20 packs of paper that I normally pay about $4.00 for a piece. I paid $12.16 for all of it! That's $0.61 per pack of paper!

God is good and I am thankful to friends for showing me and!!!!


Jessica Ham said...

I bought the paper too! Great deal, especially since we use a lot of paper around here printing coupons and making crafts!

DebbieP said...


Jess said...

Great job, Deb-n-Deb!


DebbieP said...

Thanks Jess! If it weren't for you and Cher I wouldn't know about SouthernSavers!