Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Review - If I Could Ask God Anything

Book Review - If I Could Ask God Anything
By: Kathryn Slattery

Have your children ever asked a question that you just didn't feel sure you could answer about God such as:

If God is invisible, how do I know He is real?
Did Jesus live on Earth before or after the dinosaurs?
Why should I go to church? When I die, do I become an angel with a halo and wings?
How can the Holy Spirit help me?
Does God stop loving me when I sin?

Ms. Slattery does an excellent job answering these questions in a kid friendly, scripture based way. The book is well organized and laid out in an eye pleasing way. The pages are not cluttered or too wordy, inviting the reader to enjoy their quest for knowledge as they develop a closer relationship with God.

Our family used this as a nightly devotional book. I would recommend this book to families with children of all ages. If you would like to purchase this book you may use the link provided.

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