Thursday, March 25, 2010

God's Blessings

I am overwhelmed by God's goodness! He has been providing so much for us lately! I used to shop once a month at Wal-mart, buying store brands most of the time and really eating simply. Now that I use the Grocery Game and SouthernSavers I am buying name brand products for very low prices. I get some items for free, and even make money on some things! It has been neat to see God provide what we need as well. I never know what will be on sale from week to week, but it seems that right when we need something it will go on sale! God has even allowed me to get items I like but never would buy myself before.

For instance, I like Olay body Ribbons body wash, but was content with the store brand body wash. I got to get the olay body wash and even tons of olay body lotion for free! He has allowed me to stockpile some items because of the female need for security, and other items He waits to provide to show me that He is paying attention to our needs!

We are eating more enjoyable foods, more fruits, and have more variety than when we shopped Wal-mart. It is fun to shop now and I am so grateful to God for His provision!


Patty@Heaven said...

Praise the Lord for His provision!!
You are bless!!! keep your Faith in Him, there is more to come!!!

Debbie C. said...

Yay, great post and thanks to you, I am starting to get in on the "action"! :)

DebbieP said...

I am so happy that I could help you a little and pass on the Lord's blessings!!!!!