Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finishing my Grocery fun for the Week

Ok I am finished grocery shopping for this week. Today I got:

2 FREE mascaras, 

an Olay Body Ribbons body wash for $2.00

and 2 boxes of Rice Crispies for $1.20 each.

Now, I want to also share my frustrations with you, lest you think this grocery adventure I have embarked upon is all fun and games. I thought I was going to get more items this week, but they either were not on sale as I expected or they were entirely out of stock. When I shop the grocery stores it isn't so bad, but trying to shop the drug stores is much more complicated. You really have to play the system of getting store bucks back for your purchases right to really save money at the drug stores. Well, I am still learning and not that good at it yet. But I am really proud of my free mascara! Rite Aid has them on sale - buy one get one free. I also had a buy one get one free coupon, making them both free! I only had to pay tax! That's $17.98 worth of mascara for free!


Debbie C. said...

Awesome. I have a bogo free coupon for orange juice. I was wondering how to use that. So, if I buy two, I get them both for free? For some reason, it's not computing...

DebbieP said...

IF you have two bogo coupons you will get them both for free. If you have one bogo coupon, then you will get one OJ for free and you pay for the other one.