Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Wow! We had an interesting last few days! Sunday we got a snow storm that dumped 7" of snow on our yard! That is unheard of in Georgia! It was gorgeous and we enjoyed the fun of playing with the kids, but with the snow storm came the loss of electricity. That part was not fun. We have a well, so that meant that we had no water, no heat, no lights, no flushing of get the picture. It is far more fun to play in the snow when you can come inside to get warm. We were without power from Sunday at 5 pm until Tuesday afternoon. We own a gas powered camp stove, so thank god we could cook warm food until we ran out of dishes and pots and pans.

We were going stir crazy on Monday so we took a walk down our street. Obviously our neighbors were feeling the same way because we met several people along the way, all eager to talk. This was such an unexpected blessing because normally everyone stays mostly to themselves. We had one neighbor tell us to come to their house if we got too cold because they had a gas heater. Another neighbor was sharing his wood with someone. All were friendly and willing to help each other. That was such a blessing. I think sometimes we are too independant these days and that isolates us all from each other. This storm brought people together and reminded them that neighbors are a blessing to be thankful for!

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