Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mpact Girls Sunday Sept. 21st

This Sunday is National Mpact Girls Sunday! Our Children will be singing Mpact Girls songs during our worship service this Sunday so please worship the Lord with them!

Also, please pray about becoming involved in this vibrant ministry. Bring your girls so that they can join in our clubs and grow in the Lord. There is a place for everyone, child and adult alike as we are all members of the same body. God has called some to teach, some to sew, some to bake. God may be calling you to be a seamstress, sewing badges on our uniforms. He may be asking you to plan special events. We were blessed by some ladies of our church a few years ago. They planned an authentic luau for us! They provided all the food and even the decorations. We had the best time! Maybe you are from another country and God would have you to plan an event like this to teach the children about your country. Perhaps you are being called to plan a Mother-Daughter tea. Perhaps crafts are your thing and you are called to come and do crafts with the kids.

Whatever your gifting, no matter how much time you can give, there is a place for you in this exciting ministry!

Thank you for answering the call and being willing to serve the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength! Please contact me to let me know where you would like to serve.

Debbie Parker
Mpact Girls Coordinator


Kat said...

You all did a GREAT job on Sunday. Thank you so much for all you shared and for all you and Darin do for our kids! We love you and your precious family.

Debbie said...

Thank you so much! I was so proud of all the kids! I am really scared to talk in front of people, so it was so cool to have God help me speak that day. It made me feel so loved to know how much He helped me!