Friday, October 5, 2007

“Let’s Put On a Show!”

We're going to see Mickey Rooney tonight!

Darin and I love his movies and are really looking forward to being able to see him in person. He must have the longest working record of all actors. He started working when he was just 8 months old back in 1922 This show commemorates his 85th anniversary tour. His wife, the singer/actress Jan Rooney, performs with him in their highly acclaimed musical “Let’s Put On a Show!” 85th Anniversary Edition.

Mickey Rooney is now a man of faith, and says, "I've given my life to God, and I try and do the right thing, but inevitably, and unfortunately, I do the wrong thing." Says the comedian, "I suffer from being human." Don't we all Mickey, don't we all.

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Debbie C. said...

So how was Mickey Rooney? I can't believe you got to see him. I saw Darren today but didn't get to ask him. I didn't see you today. Did I just miss you?

Debbie said...

We had such a good time! It was such an honor to get to see such a legend. We even got to get his autograph after the show! He is such a good example to learn from. He has been entertaining people (working) for 85 out of his 87 years! He loves what he does - how many people have a job that they love that much! That was truly a once in a lifetime thrill!