Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Catlike Trust

That's trust! My cat Hunter has trusted us thoroughly since he was a kitten. His Mom brought her litter of kittens to us when Hunter was probably about 6 weeks old, and we chose to adopt him and save him from a hard life in the wild. We have always provided for him, always protected him, and always loved him.

We also have 2 sweet dogs, but being true to the nature God built within a dog, one day we left the dogs in the house and went on an errand. When we got back we found our usually sweet dogs absolutely terrorizing Hunter. We thought he was a goner because he had puncture wounds, was absolutely drenched with dog saliva, and would not move but just lie there on the floor hyperventilating. We took him to the emergency vet and we all prayed for him the entire 30 minute drive.

God saved our cat that day, much to our relief. It was truly a miracle. Now here is something amazing: Hunter trusted me so much that when I carried him out to the car he didn't panic and try to get out of my arms. (He is an inside cat.) God kept the dogs from barking to help us out as well. He (like most cats) doesn't want me to hold him for long, but this night he wanted the comfort of my arms all the way to the vet, the entire time he was at the vets and all the way home. Now if you don't believe this is a bonafide miracle yet, listen to this - Hunter isn't one bit afraid of the dogs! In fact they all live in peace! They ask for treats side by side, it's crazy!

When I think of this miraculous story I think of what a picture of faith this paints. God always provides for me, always takes care of me, always loves me. He has saved me from a hard life apart from Him. I need to be like my cat and always trust my Creator, My Saviour and the One who loves more than anyone ever could!

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Debbie said...

Thanks for your insights. I am enjoying them immensely!!