Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Review: Tangled Ashes

Tangled Ashes by: Michele Phoenix

Tangled Ashes is a beautifully woven story blending the past with the present. In the present, architect Marshall Becker is asked to travel from the United States to renovate a Renaissance-era castle in Lamorlaye, France. Designed to   be an escape, the project proves to test Becker to his very limits, fighting demons from his past. In the past, the Natzi Germans used Lamorlaye Castle as one of their headquarters. Two local girls, hired to work in the castle as maids, end up discovering the Natzi's true plan and must decide where their true loyalties lie.

Ms. Phoenix does a beautiful job interweaving the stories of the past and present, unraveling mysteries slowly and masterfully. Every character introduced becomes an important piece of the puzzle, making the story more and more interesting with every turn of the page. I became involved in these fictional character's lives, and cared what happened next. I found myself disappointed when I couldn't continue reading. I was sad when the book came to an end because I enjoyed reading it so thoroughly.

I would highly reccomend this book to anyone that loves mystery, drama, history and suspense. It is a christian book that flows naturally, never preachy. I would readily read anything that this author writes in the future.

I was provided a free copy of the book in exchange for writing a review.

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