Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Review: The Falling Away

The Falling Away

By T.L. Hines
Published by Thomas Nelson 



In this book that can only be catagorized as a supernatural Thriller we find our main character, Native American Dylan Runs Ahead running away. Running from past problems and current troubles.As a matter-of-fact, he runs right into a  woman named Quinn. She claims to see things that others don't and tells him that he's "chosen." Oddly enough, his buddy in Iraq kept telling him the same thing. Before Dylan Runs Ahead can figure out what that really means, though, he's going to have to stop and face the demons--both literal and figurative--that he's been running from.

Dylan ends up running to a cult to hide from the law and ends up in the worst trouble of his life. Quinn is there to help and the two of them together save everyone in the cult. The main characters have various mental disabilities that are touted as strengths in this book.

I must admit that although this book is very well written, it was hard to follow until halfway through. The story takes some time to understand, if at all and the plot is just plain weird. I think that although there were spiritual elements to the story it left out the most important element - God's saving grace. The main character never gives his life to Jesus but comes out the hero of the story by becoming demon-possessed.  Very strange indeed. Personally I wouldn't recommend this book, but we all have different tastes.

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