Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Belle

I am writing today to say goodbye to my sweet cat Belle. She passed away this morning after almost 18 healthy good wonderful years. God was merciful and allowed her a full healthy life and allowed the end to be quick and peaceful, and for that we are grateful and thankful. We all loved our kitty and miss her so I thought I would share some memories to honor her.

When I was single I would go to bed and read before falling asleep. Belle loved to lie between my face and my book. Then I met Darin when Belle was around 6 months old and she loved to hunt bugs. When Darin would notice that she was frustrated because she couldn't reach her bugs on the ceiling Darin would lift her up and she would get them.

She used to climb my Christmas tree when she was a kitten too. I would have to fix it every day and sometimes I would find her still sitting in the tree, halfway up. She also loved to lie down in weird places. One day she got into my kitchen cabinet and crawled up into an open kitchen drawer and just lie there for a while. She slept in an empty fish tank one time as well. When we had fish she would fall in sometimes trying to catch one.

When we had our children she loved them like her own kittens and was fiercely protective of them. For some reason they would cry when we gave them a bath, and Belle would come in and bite Darin to get him to leave the kids alone! When they cried in their cribs she would go in there and meow as if to ask us to help the baby. We has so many great years with Belle, thank you God for allowing her to be our cat. We love you and will miss you Belle.


Debbie C. said...

She was a beautiful cat and I'm so sorry she is gone. Isn't it neat that God gave us animals to make our lives even more enjoyable? I know that Belle did that for you all and I know she will be missed.

DebbieP said...

Thank you so much. I agree - I am so thankful God gives us animals to enjoy. He has always picked us out the best loving animals and it was a joy to spend time with her while she was on earth.

Jess said...

I'm so sorry, Debbie.

A loss is a loss, and pain is pain. I pray for comfort for all of you.

Much love...

DebbieP said...

Thank you so much