Monday, November 9, 2009


By: Tedd Dekker

Green is a science fiction fantasy about a man named Thomas Hunter who could time travel between two worlds. Well, actually between two times. Our world in the "present" and our world several thousand years into the future. What happened in one reality effected the other. It could be confusing at times and riveting at other times. The evil represented in the book was truly evil and gross. If you are squeamish I wouldn't recommend this book. I would not say that he was gross just to be gross, but to depict evil as it really is in all of it's gross darkness. The good represented in the book was as bright and pure as the evil was dark and stinky. Jesus was the ultimate hero in the book who was never in danger of loosing to the evil forces. He was in control all the time and Elyon's will (God's will) prevailed at all times.

I enjoyed the book, but as I finished it I was left less than satisfied because of the circular nature of the series. Green is book zero in Tedd Dekker's circle series. It is really unusual because it is truly written in circular form. I have never read a Dekker book before, and the author suggests that because this is written as a circle, a reader can start with any book and end with any book. I must admit that it took me quite a while to "get into" the book because I had never read the others in the series, but I was indeed able to understand the book and read it "out of sequence" so to speak. I am interested in reading the others now to see if I would have enjoyed it more if I read it in the order in which they were written.It never "ended" in the traditional sense, but led into the next book "Black." But I did enjoy reading the book and look forward to reading the others in the series.

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Rachel said...

I'm almost finished reading this one (review to follow). I have read other Dekker books and usually finish them in a day or two because I can't put them down. I've had this one for weeks and still haven't finished. I agree that some parts are slow and boring (unusual for Dekker). I've got most of his other books if you want to read any of them!

DebbieP said...

Thanks so much! I want to read the others in the circle series first and Kristin was going to let me borrow them. I'll take your suggestions after that!