Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lucy the Love Bug

For those of you who aren't dog lovers, I want to share with you some of the reasons that I am. Lucy, our8 month old Lab Mix puppy, has a ministry. I am convinced it is a God-appointed ministry as well. You balk at that?  She ministers to my family daily. We call her Lucy the Love Bug because she is so loving. In the morning, she loves to come up near our heads in bed and cuddle us, acting like we were gone for years. If I am upset, she comes up to me and nuzzles up to me as if to ask me what's wrong. She's very sensitive to how we are feeling. Amazingly so for an animal in fact.

She is a great companion, loving all of us. She loves for the boys to play with her because they will run and be rough. She loves for me to play with her but she is far more gentle with me because she knows I am not rough and tumble like the boys. She loves to nap in the recliner with me too, so we have decided that I am the "Mother figure" if you will for Lucy and the boys are other puppies to her. She loves to greet Darin when he comes home from work, getting really excited that he came home. She loves to cuddle Darin at night too before we are ready to go to sleep. She is so sweet and makes us feel loved.

Her favorite thing to do by far, as I have mentioned in a previous post, is to play Frisbee. After breakfast I work at the computer for a little while, sipping coffee and slowly waking up. She comes every 10 minutes or so, sticks her wet nose into my armpit and nudges me to ask if we can play Frisbee. I try to put her off, and eventually she starts standing up and putting her paws on my shoulder to plead her case more "loudly." When I finally go out with her she gets so ecstatic! Even if I don't feel like going out there with her, she cheers me up by being so cute!

I believe God made dogs extra special and gave them a ministry to the humans who learn to appreciate them. I certainly feel that God sent us our dog Lucy and I am so thankful He did!

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Kathryn said...

Yay! I love my dog, Lizzy, too. She's such a cuddler. Animals are such sweet gifts :) Glad you all are enjoying Lucy so much!