Saturday, September 12, 2009


It's time to tell you all about our new dog Lucy. She is now 7 months old and a real joy to our family. She is a beautiful dog and is really cute and loving. She LOVES to play Frisbee. And when I say she loves it I really mean she is obsessed with it! She will cry and whine to ask us to go in the back yard to play with her several times a day. She loves to fetch it, and can run lightning fast. I can't figure out how to teach her to catch it but it is great fun playing fetch with her none the less.

She is also an early riser, and it is not uncommon for her to wake us up at 6:30 am. This comes in handy for times when Darin forgets to turn on the alarm or when he shuts it off and goes back to sleep. She will crawl up between us and greet us in her own doggy way.

At night she loves to sleep in our room with us in our bed. We have sliding glass doors in our bedroom, and Lucy can see her reflection but can't understand the "dog in the mirror" at all. She gets freaked out and has to turn away and pretend the other dog isn't there. Again I wish I could capture that on video as it is a hoot to watch.

There is one thing that sets her apart from all other dogs, something that you would have to see for yourself to really understand. She has a kind of doggy super power. She can go boneless. Yes boneless. She is so submissive that she completely goes limp when we try to pick her up. She sometimes will slink off the couch like a snake and look like she has no bones at all. It's really funny. One day I will take a video to show all of you.

For now I have a video of Lucy playing Frisbee. We thank God for our Lucy who has brought a bit of sunshine into our lives and who loves us with every fiber of her little dog being.


Debbie C. said...

That is one sweet dog!!

DebbieP said...

She really is. Right now she is begging and begging me to go out and play Frisbee with her. She is a Frisbee fanatic I tell you! LOL