Tuesday, April 7, 2009


God is so good. Saturday we visited our local animal shelter and God gave us a new puppy! I shared in an earlier post how I didn't allow God to be in control and I used manipulation to get our first dog which turned out to be the total wrong dog for our family. God brought us Lady and Tramp and they were PERFECT for us.

We lost Tramp a month ago and still miss him terribly, but we were ready to love another dog, so we went to our shelter. The day before I felt God leading me to pop in there by myself and was drawn to a beautiful lab puppy. But I wanted to be sure that God was in control so I didn't tell the kids. I told my husband that he was the final say in adopting a dog because I might make the wrong decision and just want to bring any dog home. I felt the Holy Spirit that day and I tell you God was in control. I saw my husband drawn to other dogs, my kids liked a black puppy that was REALLY energetic, and at first they all thought the dog I liked was too shy. I didn't try to influence any of them and felt at peace with whatever the decision would be.

In the end the whole family agreed that the dog I was first drawn to was the right dog for us. Darin named her Lucy Penvensie the Dog, and she fits into our family perfectly! She is cute when she gets playful, but she also gets calm and LOVES to cuddle. She is wonderful and we all thank God for bringing her into our home! Here are some pictures of Lucy. She is a 4 month old golden Labrador puppy.

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