Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God Provides!

God is so good! I just have to share what He has done! I think I shared a few posts ago that we owe quite a bit in student loans from college, and have delayed paying them all these years because we can't afford it. We had just been informed a few weeks ago that our forbearance opportunities are over and we would have to pay nearly $200 each month in payments. We DEFINITELY didn't have that in the budget and we would have to eat lots of beans and cornbread to afford it. Darin was even looking at getting a second job.

Well, or first encouragement from God was that Darin gets some money from the navy each month he takes a college class. He has been working on his master's degree. That money was just increased, and got us within about $30.00 of the loan payment. That is doable!

Well....God didn't stop there!!!!!

I have had to have several conversations with the loan company to straighten things out with them, hours worth in fact. I won't go into the problems, but they were crazy, let's put it that way. I had to muster all the patience I could and ask God for mere. Finally they let me speak to a supervisor that not only ironed out the problems, but told us we can have 60 more months of forbearance! That means if we can't afford the payments, we have 5 more years! Now we have time to plan and save what we can in preparation. I also believe God will provide between now and then.

What a great surprise!!!!!

God is good and HE PROVIDES!

No matter who wins this election please never forget that God is in control and it is in GOD we trust not in Presidents.

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Rachel said...

AWESOME! Praise the Lord! :)