Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Grass is Always Greener?

The other day I was I was doing errands, I passed a horse sticking his head over his fence gazing across the street at another field. It looked like he was thinking that the grass was greener and tastier on the other side of his fence and he was longing to try it.

How many times are we like that? So many people trade in spouses for one that they will get along with better, only to find that they now have another set of problems. We long for that better job that will make life easier, or the perfect family so that life will be peaceful. To be content with who and what we have just doesn't seem to be the norm.

How life-changing it would be if we concentrate on our blessings and seeing the good in others?! There is so much truth in the old hymn that says, "Count your many blessing see what God has done!" Money is tight right now for us. Actually it is getting more and more difficult to make our dollar stretch. I have times when that gets me down and discouraged. Health problems also make life much harder.

When I focus on these things the darkness that I feel can be overwhelming. But when I start to think of my blessings, God dispels that darkness. There are so many who has far less than we do and have far worse medical problems. Many people have no family or friends, or don't even know Jesus. How blessed I am to have a godly husband and two godly young men who all love me very much! God provides for our needs and even some wants. When a new need arises, He always provides a way to meet that need. We have a great church full of many godly friends that encourage and help us grow in the Lord.

Is the grass greener anywhere? I say not! God is good and I am blessed to overflowing!


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Sharon said...

I have nothing to add or say. I simply wanted you to know I read your blog today. :0)

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Kathryn said...

Such a good reminder to count our blessings! The postman put our neighbor's electric bill in our mailbox accidentally today. I opened it, thinking it was ours. The bill was for $640 dollars! Wowzers. That's when I noticed that the bill had someone else's name on it it. Yeesh! I was counting my blessings then (and praying for my neighbor...)

Debbie said...

Wow that's one high electric bill! We all have so many things to be thankful for that if we start counting we could go on for a long time, thank God!

Kathryn said...

I love the saying that "the grass is greener where we water it the most."