Friday, September 19, 2008

Lessons from Dripping Honey

I buy honey by the gallon because I use it in making homemade wheat bread. My gallon jug was almost empty, so I decided to pour what was left into a smaller container I keep for table use. There really wasn't much in the jug at all, and the smaller container was filled to within a few inches from the top. I hate to be wasteful, so once I began pouring I resisted to urge to stop when the stream turned into a trickle. I was fascinated at the swirling patterns the honey made as it stacked on itself while it hit the honey in the container. Then my warring thoughts broke through. The negative ones kept telling me that I wouldn't be wasting much honey, after all it was almost gone, so save time and throw the gallon jug out. Other thoughts told me to stick with it and be patient, that there would be enough honey to fill it to the top. It looked doubtful, but I chose patience. It took at least 5 minutes, but, sure enough it really did fill the container as full as possible! I kept thinking of the Bible story when God made the widow's jar of oil miraculously keep pouring until all the jars brought to her were filled. I believe the encouraging voice was God, and I also believe He showed me a picture of His provision. HE talks to us all the time, it just takes practice to see all the creative ways he does so!

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