Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Power of Prayer

God is good, and I believe in the power of prayer. God has been working in our family, mending broken relationships and drawing people closer together. Darin and I have prayed for this for quite some time, and God is really kicking it up into high gear! What is neat is we have not been faithful to pray every day or even consistently for too long at a stretch. I wish we had, but we got lazy or lost faith, or got discouraged. But God honored the prayers we did pray and worked despite the many moments of doubt and discouragement I have had. I have trouble seeing only God. I tend to see the circumstances around me and get depressed. Why can't I learn from Peter when he walked on the water? At least he saw only Jesus for a few moments and actually walked on the water! I keep sinking because I look away and see the big waves and forget that they don't matter at all. God is so good and He loves us far more than we can comprehend. He WANTS to mend broken relationships. He can do anything He wants even when people don't want to cooperate. He controls even the unsaved when he needs to use them to accomplished His will. I know all this and believe it, then forget it all when a big wave comes my way. Oh that I can learn to see only Jesus!

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