Monday, November 19, 2007

Painting Lesson

Thursday I was able to have my first painting lesson with Jim Richards. Boy do I feel blessed to have such an opportunity. Blessed that Jim is willing to teach and that my husband Darin was so willing to pay for the lessons for my Christmas present. I have SO much to learn but it is so fun to have the opportunity to learn from someone who God has gifted. Now my Christmas wish list is growing because I want paints so that I can practice over and over what I am being taught. God's creation is so beautiful to me. I laid outside for a long while yesterday just staring at the sky, trees and all the nature around our yard, looking for the things I was taught.

Did you know that shadows are usually cool colors, while the objects that are lit by the sun are usually warm colors? I painted a beach scene in my lesson, and there is a light pattern on the sand, while the rest of the sand was in shadow. In the photograph, the light was a peach color, while the shadow was a blue. But at first I only saw whites and grays. I really had to stare and stare and squint my eyes before I started seeing the truth that the colors were indeed blue and peach. My mind kept telling me that sand isn't peach or blue, but white so it tried to influence what my eyes were seeing.

I think I get like that with spiritual things. In stead of simply trusting God and listening to what He says, I "see" things my own way and refuse to allow God to show me what is real. Boy if I could only start seeing things through God's eyes I would learn so much and be so much freer.
There is a song by Amy Grant that voices my lifelong prayer. I hope, at the end of my life, that I will have learned to have eyes like our Father.


Rachel said...

I'm so glad you are getting this opportunity. Jim is such an amazing artist and all around nice guy. I can't draw or paint at all (it's really tragic) but I do love crafts and colors. I love the lesson learned about dark and light colors. Also, it is so true that often times we miss seeing what God has right in front of us because our eyes and minds are wired to look for what think should be there. Your posts are always a blessing. Thanks... and keep 'em coming.

Debbie P. said...

Thank you for your kind words. Since you love colors, did you know that colors can suggest moods? The cool colors can not only look cool or cold (Blue, green, purple) but also suggest calm serenity. The warm colors (Red, Yellow, Orange) are vibrant and suggest not only warmth but happy, energetic feelings. (Just a little bonus nugget!)

Debbie C. said...

I wanted to take the class but I am afraid I am not at all artistic. It sounds fun, though. Thanks for sharing from your experience.

Debbie P. said...

Don't be afraid that you lack talent. I guarantee you that Jim can teach you and you will do better than you think! It is fun!